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  • Ibadan Sankirtan Party Becomes West Africa Book Distribution Marathon Champion

    The Nagara Sankirtana party of Ibadan, Nigeria became West Africa’s book distribution marathon champion for 2016. The sankirtan party led by Yadhunath Das has distributed 901 books in December. The Nagara Sankirtan project started off in 2015 with the purpose of reviving the Harinama Sankirtana spirit initially in West Africa, by providing special support and care for book distribution devotees, who are serving and traveling in groups.

  • Krishna Consciousness Reaches Thousands in Ghana

    In a trip to Ghana this summer, a group of African American devotees helped bring Krishna consciousness to thousands of locals, while gaining a deep appreciation for the Ghanian devotees as well as the late Bhakti Tirtha Swami for his years of missionary work there.