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Taiwan: 'The Magic of Sound' Tour Well Attended

By: on Jan. 31, 2009
Photo Credits: Ekachakra Dasa
Bhakti Bringha Govinda Swami meets with guests.

His Holiness Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami and a three piece devotional band toured in the northern and central part of Taiwan for a week last December.

ISKCON Taiwan's Bhakti-yoga Cultural Center organized the tour entitled "The Magic of Sound" to promote kirtan yoga in Taiwan. The band successfully performed seven times in various venues and in front different types of audiences.

The venues were as follows:

Taipei county: Quchi city Middle School, Dabangen Hotspring Resort, Xizhi city's Yoga Association, and the Taiwanese Buddhist organization Huayen World during an interfaith dialogue

Taipei city: Eslite Bookstore Auditorium

Taichung city: Yogilini Yoga Center and the National Hotel

People from various walks of life, ages and religious background were inspired by the kirtan performances. Teachers, musicians, yoga teachers and practitioners, devotees, Buddhists monks, nuns and laymen, and even elementary school pupils and their parents attended the functions and experienced the wonderful spiritual harmony of Hare Krishna mantra. At some events the band attracted crowds of up to three to four hundred people.

The various mantras introduced, the bands' musical talent and HH Bhakti Bhrnga Govinda Swami's heavenly voice perfectly blended into a feast for the ears and a balm for the mind, inspiring most people in the audience to sing along and get carried away by a wave of spiritual sound.

Bhakti Bhrnga Govinda Swami patiently autographed hundreds of his music CDs to enthusiastic participants who lined up to purchase them after the programs.

His music performances are indeed an important step in the spreading Lord Krishna's glorious name in Taiwan.

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