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“Taking Care of Krishna’s Cows” Course Open for Registration
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Jul 03, 2024

ISKCON’s Ministry for Cow Protection and Agriculture will be holding its next “Taking Care of Krishna’s Cows” course beginning July 15th, 2024. Kalakantha Das, its global minister, emphasized the importance of this course, stating, “The goal is to standardize cow protection practices in ISKCON and provide guidance to our goshalas. This training will also serve as a valuable resource for new devotees interested in this activity.”

The course, which spans six weeks with bi-weekly classes, will feature experienced teachers from various ISKCON farms, such as Gitanagari, Bhaktivedanta Manor, New Vrajadham in Hungary, Mayapur, Vrindavan, and Malaysia. These educators will share their knowledge on cow protection and cover practical aspects necessary for ethically managing a herd of protected cows, oxen, and bulls within an ecologically sound, regenerative farm environment.

This course is part of ISKCON’s broader Feed the Earth Education Project. This innovative platform embodies Srila Prabhupada’s motto of “simple living and high thinking.” The project focuses on pure food production through regenerative agriculture and cow protection, fostering a spiritually focused community.

Kalakantha elaborated on the project’s significance: “Cow protection means feeding the Brahminical culture, which leads towards God consciousness, and thus perfection of human civilization is achieved.” This sentiment, echoed in Srila Prabhupada’s teachings, underscores the holistic approach to community and environmental stewardship that ISKCON advocates.

The “Taking Care of Krishna’s Cows” course is designed for individuals already engaged in cow protection, those considering starting such projects, and anyone with a strong desire to understand and potentially undertake practical cow protection programs. Managers of existing ISKCON cow protection programs are strongly encouraged to participate. At the same time, those aspiring to initiate new projects are required to complete this course to receive an IMCPA Certificate of Readiness.

The course aims to equip devotees with the necessary skills to run successful cow protection programs. It will cover topics such as sustainable feeding, land and grazing methods, cow breeds, breeding practices, milk production, financial planning, and income generation methods. Additionally, it will delve into the importance of staff training and barn layout.

Participants will benefit from the expertise of notable ISKCON figures, including Krishna Ksetra Swami, Varsana Swami, Kalakantha Das, Shymasundara Das, Antardhi Dasi, Parijata Dasi, Simhesvara Das, Sanak Sanatana Das, and Dama Gopal Das. These experts will provide insights into the minimum ISKCON standards for managing a goshala and offer practical advice for maintaining cow protection programs.

Kalakantha highlighted the collaborative nature of the course, mentioning, “Students and current regenerative farmers seeking to incorporate cow protection methodologies will have access to a group of experienced consultants to initiate their cow protection program or to help manage and improve existing goshalas.”

The course will initially be offered online, with six sessions delivered via Zoom. These sessions will be held on July 15th and 29th, August 12th and 26th, and September 9th and 23rd, with exact timings to be announced. After each session, videos and assignments will be provided for students to complete.

The registration process is open until July 8th, 2024. A fee of $108 covers the course production costs and offerings for the presenters. Scholarships are available for eligible participants. Interested individuals can apply online and will be notified of their acceptance and payment methods by July 8th.

The “Taking Care of Krishna’s Cows” course is more than just a training program; it represents a step towards realizing Srila Prabhupada’s vision of a sustainable, spiritually enriched community. By fostering knowledge and practical skills in cow protection, ISKCON continues to champion the values of environmental stewardship and conscious living, inspiring future generations to uphold these principles. To register, click here. You can watch a special video invitation from Kalakantha Das here

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