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Television Team Celebrates Success at ISKCON Mumbai

By: for on Sept. 12, 2009

MUMBAI: With Lord Krishna’s blessings, the entire team of Choti Bahu is reeling in the super success of the show which redefined the prime time slot. The cast and crew celebrated the successful completion of 200 episodes by conducting a Puja/Hawan at The Iskcon Temple, Mumbai, as a mark of gratitude to the almighty.

Choti Bahu is a show that redefined the 7:30 pm slot creating an early prime-time band on the channel. The show led the channel to No.1 position across GEC in that time band. The success of the show proves the appreciation of the viewers and establishes the fact that Zee TV has yet again broken a popular myth on how television is consumed. Instead of throwing a gala party, the unit decided to express their gratitude to the almighty by conducting a puja and offering their prayers to God for making the show so hugely successful.

Choti Bahu focuses on the life of Radhika, the adopted daughter of a temple priest, whose life revolves around her friendship, love and affection for Lord Krishna. She will do anything for the family that has adopted her, in particular her sister Vishakha, the biological daughter of the priest. But once, just once, she lets her good nature get the better of her as she covers up for her sister and that changes her entire life. Coming as it does from one of the most creative production houses in the country, DJ’s Creative Unit; the show asks some really crucial questions about the institution of marriage, friendship and even spirituality in the modern, shining, racing ahead India.

Said the lead protagonist Rubina Dilaik (Radhika), “I feel so lucky and blessed to begin my acting career with a character like Radhika. I am a big devotee of Lord Krishna and take this opportunity today to thank him with my heart and soul for making Choti Bahu a household name.” The characters of Dev and Radhika have become synonymous to love, dedication, duty and sacrifice. They epitomize one’s allegiance and affection to their loved ones whatever may be the situation.

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