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Ten-Year Australian Kulimela Reunion Scheduled for 2020
By Madhava Smullen   |  Oct 14, 2019

The first Australian Kulimela, held from late December 2010 to early January 2011, was a major success, drawing around 300 kulis for seminars, devotional entertainment, kirtan, water sports and nature exploration.

The same team has now scheduled a ten-year reunion event, which will run for five days from October 1st to 5th 2020. As before, it will take place at New Govardhana, the picturesque one-thousand-acre farm at Eungella near Murwillumbah in northern New South Wales.

This time, the focus will shift to the younger generations of Krishna-conscious youth, with an aim to inspire, nurture, and empower them to be the future leaders of the Hare Krishna Movement.

The poster advertising the Australia Kulimela 2020

“This year marked the second year ever that the New Govardhana Gurukula graduated students completing all twelve years of their school studies at the Gurukula,” says Advaita Myler, co-organizer with fellow kulis Nitai, Kalindi, Ayu, and Madhav. “We would love to keep these kulis connected to each other, and to the Krishna consciousness movement as they progress to the next chapters of their lives.”

Organizers feel that in the past, there was nothing keeping youth engaged after Gurukula, resulting in many going their separate ways after school as they suddenly had to find their own way in the big wide world.

“Many of us ended up getting lost in that process, and so many have never been seen or heard from again,” Advaita says. “The fortunate few of us who managed to find our way back want to make sure that that doesn’t happen to this next generation. So we would love to inspire them, nurture their natural enthusiasm for Krishna consciousness, and show them how you can be successful materially, while keeping Krishna as the center point of your life, and using your talents in His service.”

Kulis spend time in the beautiful natural surroundings at New Govardhana

Although it’s aimed specifically at younger kulis, Kulimela Australia 2020 is open to all generations. It will include world class entertainment and kirtan, workshops and seminars by renowned guest speakers from all over the world, and mentorship programs. There will also be a talent show and an art show to showcase the talents of Krishna conscious youth.

Meanwhile, the prasadam is being much hyped. “It’s going to be out of this world,” says Advaita. “The cows at New Govardhana are cared for with so much love that their udders are overflowing with milk, which we offer to Krishna in many forms, such as butter, ghee, yoghurt, Labneh cheese, and paneer chunks the size of your fist!”

“We would love to hear from you,” he adds, “If you would like to get involved in any way, shape, or form; if you have a talent or a passion that you would like to share, or learn how to dovetail in Krishna’s service; if there is something that you would like to see at the festival; if you would like to get involved in a mentorship program; or if you are happy to help out in some way, whether you are in Australia or abroad. We look forward to serving together with you!”

Kulis do kirtan for Lord Jagannath during the first Australian Kulimela

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