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The Doctor Is In: Pope Francis’ List of 15 Diseases That Ail the Church

By: for Religion News Services on Dec. 22, 2014
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Pope Francis and some of the members of the Curia

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis held nothing back on Monday in addressing the ills of the Roman Catholic Church in a blistering critique of what ails the Curia, the church’s central bureaucracy. From the “terrorism of gossip” to “Spiritual Alzheimer’s,” Francis has a few get-healthy New Year’s Resolutions in mind for his staff:

1.The disease: Feeling ‘immortal’ or “immune” or even “indispensible”

The cure: A visit to the cemetery, Francis said, could help us see the names of those who “maybe thought they were immortal, immune and indispensible.”

2. The disease: Excessive activity

The cure: It is the disease of those who, like Martha in the Gospels, “lose themselves in their work, inevitably neglecting `what is better': sitting at Jesus’ feet.”

3. The disease: Mental and spiritual “petrification”

The symptoms: It is the disease of those who “lose their internal peace, their vivacity and audacity, to hide under papers and become “procedural machines” instead of “men of God.”

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