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ISKCON Ludhiana Organized Their First Holy Name Seminar

By: on April 25, 2009
A Holy Name seminar was organized for the first time at ISKCON Ludhiana, India from 17th April through 19th of April. This event was led by Sudama Dasa from ISKCON Chowpatty, Mumbai.

Several topics were covered in the sessions such as how one could best focus when chanting the Holy Names and how to set the correct ambiance for achieving better satisfaction.

Devotees asked many question related to mood of chanting, focus and mindset. Sudama said the Japa seminar emphasizes the essence and quality of chanting, while the larger scale Japa retreat focuses more on the structure of chanting itself, namely the number of rounds, faith in holy name and congregational chanting.

About one hundred and fifty devotees attended in this three day seminar. Krishna prasadam (sanctified food) was served to devotees each day.
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