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The First Hare Krishna Youth European Bus Tour

By: for ISKCON News on May 10, 2013
Participation at the Germany Kirtan Mela is also part of the Youth Bus Tour program
12 countries. 34 days. 40 youth. The first European Bus Tour is happening this summer.

Hare Krishna youth now have the opportunity to not only tour the United States and Mexico, but also the European Union. The long-time organizer (and ISKCON Youth Minister) of the US Bus Tour, Manorama Das, has joined forces with some Euro Gurukulis to organize the tour.

Some of the tour stops include: UK’s Plymouth and Galstonbury Ratha-yatras and Bhaktivedanta Manor, Paris temple and sightseeing, the Belgian castle Radhadesh, Hungary’s Krishna Valley farm and Prague sightseeing, Polish Woodstock festival, Germany’s Kirtan Mela festival and Kulimela festival, as well as Amsterdam’s Ratha-yatra, camping in the Swiss Alps and many more temples and scenic area stops for an action-packed, gulab full, kirtan packed month!

“This is an experience of a lifetime,” wrote Mohini Chacon on the Euro Bus Tour’s official Facebook page. Like many ISKCON youth this tour has been a time of their lives, getting them involved in service and allowing informal networking between temples and youth in a positive and meaningful way.

Hungary's Krishna Valley eco farm

For organizer Manorama Das, this is a long-awaited project that he had been preparing for for many years. “Nothing compares to life on the festival tour,” he said.
“Being stuck at home for nine months in between tours is like being stuck in the Brahma Jyoti after having been allowed to witness and participate in the most amazing services. The urge just overcomes me after a while and get on the computer and plan the next festival tour.”

Humility, service, and friendship are some of the themes of the tour as they are the pillars of the Vaisnava faith. On the tour participants will get the opportunity to do service in temples, distribute books, dance in harinams, sing kirtans, and discover the deep heritage of the Chaitanya Vaishnava tradition, in a safe, comfortable and encouraging environment. Another theme of the tour is youth empowerment. As many leaders of ISKCON are aging the tour is one way to engage and train future leaders by creating a strong spiritual foundation and learning the art of devotee care, and a genuine service attitude.

The charm of the Swiss Alps

The four-person team has been working tirelessly to organize the best use of time, resources and funds for the participants. Manorama Das will be leading the tour in Europe and therefore there will not be a US tour this summer.

This year the Euro tour will be renting a bus and a driver through the vast European lands of the ISKCON temples. Buying a bus is the next year’s goals, along with broadening and expanding the tour’s stops and length.

Euro Bus Tour 2013 from visvambara caitanya janssens on Vimeo.

For a complete agenda of tour destinations please refer to the Euro Bus Tour’s website:

Please register your space on the bus at:

Dates: July 16th – Aug. 18th, 2013 (Fly into UK July 15th - Out UK/Brussels Aug. 19th)

Cost: US $1200 (Euro 920) if you register before June 1st. Thereafter US $1300 (Euro 996). Airfare not included in price. Optional adventure activities will cost extra (for example, whitewater rafting, approximately $100.) EU residents please contact us to inquire about discounted train ticket transportation options if you cannot afford the above mentioned tour costs.

Schedule: (tentative)

13 SAT Bhaktivedanta Manor (Watford, UK)
Tulasi Harrison and Nama Rasa’s wedding
14 SUN Bhaktivedanta Manor
[Tour Starts]
16 TUE Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK (Second Day for Airport Pickups)
17 WED Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK
18 THU London, UK City Tour
19 FRI Plymouth, UK – Camping
20 SAT Plymouth, UK - Ratha-yatra Festival - Camping
21 SUN Glastonbury, UK - Ratha-yatra Festival - Camping
22 MON Ferry to France - Reach New Mayapura by Evening.
23 TUE New Mayapura
24 WED Paris, France
25 THU Paris
26 FRI Radhadesh Summer Festival, Belgium
27 SAT Radhadesh Summer Festival
28 SUN Radhadesh Summer Festival
29 MON Goloka Dhama, Abentheuer, Germany
30 TUE Berlin, Germany
31 WED Polish Woodstock - Prep Day

01 THU Polish Woodstock
02 FRI Polish Woodstock
03 SAT Polish Woodstock
04 SUN Prague Sunday Feast, Czech Republic
05 MON Budapest, Hungary, (During the Day)/Krishna Valley (By Evening)
06 TUE Krishna Valley, Hungary
07 WED Tyrolean Alps - Adventure Activities - (Possibly Paragliding)
08 THU Kulimela Germany - Simhacalam Farm near Passau, Germany
09 FRI Kulimela
10 SAT Kulimela
11 SUN Zürich Sunday Feast, Switzerland
12 MON Swiss Alps – Adventures - Camping
13 TUE Swiss Alps – Adventures - Camping
14 WED Kirtan Mela Germany
15 THU Kirtan Mela
16 FRI Kirtan Mela
17 SAT Amsterdam Ratha-yatra, Netherlands - Preparations Day - Camping
18 SUN Amsterdam Ratha-yatra – Camping
[Last Day of Tour]
19 MON Brussels, Belgium - Airport and Eurostar Train Drop - offs
[ bus-tour ]