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The Great Electronic Drum:
By Antony Brennan   |  Sep 19, 2010
nw takes its name from a phrase coined by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura. Brihadmrdanga originally referred to the power of the printing press as an instrument for getting the message of Krishna consciousness out to the wider world.

The Internet has taken over from printing press to become the ultimate medium for communicating information from one to many. ISKCON News is as example of the ability of the Internet to provide access to information to people on every continent on earth all at the same time. is a news aggregation web site, which means it collects information from other webs sites to share with a wider audience. Concentrating on news and events from Australia and abroad has quickly gained and audience.

Visitors to can browse through a range of stories which describe the activities and programs being held in temples and centres all around Australia. There are videos, photos, audio file and links to websites around the country and around the world.

You can navigate the site by looking at the latest entries on the front page, by browsing the categories of posts or by choosing from links that lead to the websites for the temples and centres in all the states and territories.

“This is a great web site,” Says devotee and well known chef Kurma Dasa. “It’s just the kind of thing we need to bring everyone together.” The Australian land mass is almost as large as America but with a population of only 20 million people the devotees are spread far apart.

“This is a very useful site,” Says Vara Nayaka Dasa, Sydney temple president. “It provides regular updates and news. It lets people know the Hare Krishna’s are still alive in Australia.” was designed primarily for devotees but many others are also visiting the web site to find out what the devotees are doing in their area. Another purpose for the site is to encourage Krishna’s devotees to see what is happening at the other temple and centres. This will hopefully stimulate increased devotional activity within and between Australian centres. When you see that others are holding festivals and organising Harinam Sankirtan you realise that you can do that too.

“I really like it,” says Madhava Smullen from ISKCON News. “It’s a bit like some of the other efforts that have gone before to aggregate news, only a hundred times more attractive and professional.”

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