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The Greatest Gift

By: for ISKCON News on Dec. 16, 2015

A famous American celebrity, Mark Ruffalo, gets the Bhagavad-gita in New York City, this year during the book marathon from a resident monk. 

Every December, the devotees and friends of ISKCON world-wide do an annual ‘book marathon’, giving out books on Krishna consciousness by the thousands. To learn more about this on-going marathon in the UK, how to contribute and reactions by the public, please see:

As he stood at his upstairs window George saw hundreds of dry autumn leaves blowing along the street. Their rustling sound made him think of how many words and lives pass by, just like the falling leaves. He was in this frame of mind lately because he had been absorbed in reading the transcendental words of the Bhagavad Gita. He had found the Gita in his local charity shop about two years ago, and he had become so enthused by its messages, which uncovered much meaning for him personally. Since then he had enjoyed discovering, ordering and finding more of these wonderful gifts. He saw these books as the greatest gifts anyone had ever given him. He understood somehow that his first Gita was given to him as a blessing just after his lifelong partner had died and his business had dwindled. The sound of the rustling leaves inspired him to go out into the local village to chant the names of Krishna softly as he walked through the park.

As he walked out of the park he saw two men dressed in robes. They were standing by a van, unfolding a large map. 

George said ‘hello are you lost?’  ‘O are you from here?’ said the young man in saffron robes, as he gestured the unfurled map towards George. ‘Well… the Sat Nav seems to have brought us to the wrong place’. 

George was stunned for a moment, then he said, ‘Krishna can move Sat Navs as well as books it seems!’

Both of the robed devotees turned to focus on George.

This is amazing said George, or maybe it’s not so amazing, because Krishna is the lord of the universe, isn’t He? And that’s why He’s sometimes called Jagannatha, if I remember rightly.’

‘Wow’ said the devotee in white robes. ‘You know about Krishna?’

They proceeded to show George that the van was stacked full of Srila Prabhupada’s books, which they were meant to distribute in a lager town, but they couldn’t understand how the Sat Nav had brought them to this small village instead. 

Upon realizing that this was George’s first contact with devotees, and that George had had been reading and chanting on his own for two years, it became obvious that Krishna had brought the devotees to meet George. 

So…instead of leaving the village they stayed for an hour, and enthusiastically discussed philosophy with George, who had become a quite learned man because of his sincere and submissive approach to understanding the philosophy.

‘Your Prabhupada has given me the greatest gifts’, said George.

He is certainly your Prabhupada as well’, said the devotee in white, as he affectionately put his arm around Georges shoulders.

Jaya Jagannatha! said the other monk, with a smile.

Since that fateful meeting, by Krishna’s arrangement, George started to do service at the temple in London, and he regularly chants and dances blissfully with the devotees, who are his greatest friends. His favourite activity giving these gifts spiritual gifts to others.

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