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The Journey Home Published in Tamil

By: for ISKCON News on Feb. 14, 2014

Radhanath Swami meeting temple musicians at the historic Sri Ranganath Temple, in Srirangam, South India. Temple priest Muralidhara Bhatta (left) accompanies Radhanath Swami.

Chennai is called the "traditional capital of India", known for its rich culture and respect for ancient wisdom. Recently ISKCON-guru and author Radhanath Swami addressed some of this unique city's leading members who listened to him with eagerness and left the venue totally mesmerized.

The occasion being the official book launch of The Journey Home in Tamil, conducted on the 30th of January, 2014.

Suki Sivam, one of the guests of honor, a famous Tamil poet and scholar shared his experience of reading the The Journey Home. He remarked that it was an honest account of a simple boy, which could probably change the attitude of today's materialistic society. He explained that finding a spiritual master takes sincerity, and that one has much to gain on this from Richrad Slavin's account in The Journey Home

"I have always been busy with my work and have been putting away spiritual pursuit, but now after being here, I sure want to know more about Krishna and for this, I seek the blessings of a genuine swami like Swami Radhanath" said K.V.Balachander, renowned film director and the recipient of the highest award in Indian Cinema.

Something very special about the launch of The Journey Home in Tamil was the opportunity to witness the heart warming exchanges between Bhattar, chief priest of the most revered temple for the Sri Vaishnavas, the Sri Rangam temple and Radhanath Swami. Their appreciation for each other was profound, which not only touched everyone's hearts but also helped the public get a better understanding about the position of ISKCON as a genuine spiritual Vaishnava organization. Bhattar praised Srila Prabhupada and his relentless endeavors to spread the message of Shri Krishna and expressed his gratitude to Radhanath swami for bringing almost 5000 people to Sri Rangam to glorify The Lord.

Radhanath Swami, in his signature style narrated some anecdotes from the book and then went on to explain that the by turning towards the path of bhakti our lives will be sublime. He also recollected Srila Prabhuapada saying that the British, although they took away so many valuables from India, they forgot to take the most important thing, India's spiritual wisdom. He urged Indians to realize the importance of Vedic wisdom and said that India had more to offer than heading global economy. 

The chairman of India's advertising giant company, Mr. Swamy, spoke of his experience with Radhanath Swami. "In these so many years I have met many Swamis and gurus, but I haven't seen a Swami who is so humble and affectionate as Swami Radhanath'.

Citing his dear disciple, Hrishikesh Mafatlal as an example, Swami encouraged everyone to take up the process of Krishna consciousness by adding Krishna to their lives, assuring them that they needn't give up their esteemed positions and at the same time grow with a greater spiritual insight.

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