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The Last Drop
By Shruchi Singh, ISKCON News Contributing Writer   |  Jul 31, 2021

A tasty drink tastes even more when you are finishing it. It is the last drop that gives the feeling of being relished, enjoyed, along with the trace of sadness of it being over too soon. The urge to taste and enjoy is the game we get entangled in. Similar was the situation I got stuck in, after tasting the last drop of lassi, a drink relished in India during summers. Suddenly what flashed in my mind were numerous paintings of baby Sri Krishna attempting to take out makkhan (butter) from an earthen pot.

These ringing philosophical thought patterns raised several questions within me. Krishna unlike his other childhood friends is the Divine incarnation. So, is He ‘the Last Drop’ of all the associations of physical and metaphysical nature that we engage in? Is Krishna the Ultimate, is that satisfaction we seek throughout our life? Is He the one who does not seem to be different from all the others, yet has an eternal noteworthy difference, which can only be felt? Yes. A yes because however similar and dissimilar the physical world is to that metaphysical world; correct efforts are necessary to attain the contentment unachievable in all the otherworldly drops we witness.

“The Last Drop’ is the special state we enter owing to our inclination to know that innocent, truthful, faithful free will of experiencing the supreme pleasure, unachievable in all the other components of this universe. This Supreme Pleasure is the source of delight, ecstasy, bliss, and satisfaction. Its effect is beyond any description, for this mortal world is that drop, which we taste yet we do not relish. ‘The Last Drop’ is the Divine Sri Krishna, who is the source of ecstasy, the epitome of bliss, and enjoyment that is indescribable.


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