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The UK’s first Krishna Conscious Youth Hostel Opens in September

By: for ISKCON News on July 27, 2012
The hostel opens in September
The UK’s first Krishna Conscious Youth Hostel will be launched in September 2012 in Harrow. It will be open for unmarried men or young professionals who are looking for an affordable room with freshly cooked vegetarian meals, and interested in living with spiritually-minded people.

The Bhakti Centre aims to offer a nourishing and inspiring environment within which every member can build a strong spiritual foundation in their life. Jayanti House is complete with a fully equipped kitchen, reading room, extensive library, temple room and bedrooms on two floors. Living at the hostel offers its residents the best of both worlds – a first rate private space and simultaneous access to the company of spiritually enthusiastic individuals.

Anyone interested in renting a room in the facility is invited to visit the website:

For inquiries or application for residence please email: / or call: 07957636283

“We are traveling all over the world, but there is no university, no institution, no school, and no academy where the education of spiritual nature is imparted. When there is such an academy then the world will be saved from destruction." (Srila Prabhupada)
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