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The World of Love Manifests Through the Words of Love

By: for on March 19, 2015

 Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18, Text 64

The world of love refers ultimately to the spiritual world, Krishna’s personal abode where there is endless love. There, Krishna exists eternally, the soul exists eternally, and their love exists and expands eternally.

That world of love is not perceivable to us at present with our material senses. But it becomes manifest to us through the words of love, the words of wisdom and compassion spoken by Krishna through scripture and transmitted by the living tradition of saintly teachers. When we hear those words open-mindedly, we understand that there exists an arena where our deepest longing for love is perfectly fulfilled.

No doubt, love exists even in this world; wherever there is life, there is love. It is the nature of the living condition to seek loving reciprocation. However, because everything in this world is temporary, our love here being directed towards worldly things ends in frustration.

To help us redirect our love towards everlasting fulfillment, Krishna descends and disseminates his words of love. In the Bhagavad-gita (18.64), he reveals the most confidential knowledge – knowledge of the path of spiritual love, bhakti-yoga. And he suffixes this revelation with the declaration that he loves us dearly and desires our highest good. Krishna loves each one of us – and loves us more than anyone else ever can. As a further expression of his love, he assures in the next verse (18.65) that those who follow the path of bhakti and offer him their love will surely attain his eternal abode.

When we submissively hear Krishna’s words and redirect our love accordingly, bhakti starts working its magic in our heart, and we glimpse the world of love even in this life. Being enchanted by those glimpses, we press on enthusiastically and determinedly till we enter that world for life and love eternal.

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