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To Fear and Not

By: for on May 17, 2019
Photo Credits: Giving Compass


Fear is the illusion of this world and our body

And the journey into an animal birth

so close we are to creaturehood

Yet to step inside means

to stop the way we can ask

Such questions as to why we fear.

The consequences of our actions.

Offending others, especially those devoted to

Helping us cross the ocean of birth and death.

Suffering and pain, for myself and others.

Depression and the downward cycle of self.

Fear and what it makes us think of others.

Do not fear

Death, as we do not die

Eternity, even as the great unknown

Life, in all it’s complicated ways

Love,  for what it asks us to do

Detachment, and let it hold us

Forgiveness, and the act of letting go

Acceptance, of things we don’t want

Fear, as it will always be there

We become fearless, not without fear

But with holding on to Krishna

The big hand we grasp as we walk

In our life and face the stairs

We have fallen down or climbed before

Feel the fear as we look at it

Then hold onto the railing and walk the steps

Fearlessness is holding on to a greater love

A steady hand, a stronger arm

Fearlessness is never alone

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