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ToVP: Towers and Trees
By Bhumi Dasi   |  Jun 28, 2013

The progress of the main dome and that of the art department’s projects are often the focal points of discussion at the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium (ToVP) in Mayapur, India. However, there are several other aspects of construction and planning equally significant to the poignancy of the architectural and landscaping arrangements.

Last summer the TOVP began a nursery near the Jagannath mandir. It is home to thousands of various types of trees and shrubs. They will spend the next few years growing in the nursery so they will be full and lush at the time of transplantation. The greenery will frame and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the new temple while simultaneously offering shade to pilgrims and Mayapur residents.

The palm tree nursery

The three domes of the new temple are its signature features. Sometimes overlooked are the towers punctuating their grandeur. The architectural nuances of these towers underscore the magnificent drama of the domes. Their construction is underway and their delicate beauty is already recognizable.

Each feature of the TOVP is important, from the curved arches to the marble pillars, from the landmark domes to the robust trees. The combination of parts creates a rhapsody of movement and color, a climax of havens for spiritual seekers. The TOVP is more than a building, it’s an expression of feeling.

These shrubs will decorate the gardens in front of the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium

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