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Udderly Amazing Cow Gives Milk Without Assistance
By   |  Mar 28, 2008

A cow in India has amazed dairy farmers by releasing milk completely unaided.

Radha is such a clever cow she can milk herself. No one knows of any scientific reason for this. All the other cows on the farm in India’s Dahod district receive the same food, but Radha proudly proves she can fill a bucket unaided.

Farm worker Manoj Bhargav says: “This cow named Radha, whenever it is fed, it starts milking the same moment. It delivers approximately eight litres of milk both in the morning and evening that is four litres each time. I think it’s a miracle. I have never witnessed such a miracle ever.”

Radha has been named after the Hindu Goddess of the same name. Her Muslim owner chose the name as a symbol of harmony which he hopes will strengthen the bond between the two communities.

The cow is worshipped in almost all parts of India – this is one that is udderly amazing.

You can watch a video of Radha here.

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