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Udupi: Lord Krishna Worshiped with 10,000,000 Tulsi Twigs

By: for Daijiworld Media Network on July 4, 2009
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Udupi, Jun 29: The Indian epics are replete with stories about Lord Vishnu's love for the double-leafed twigs of the holy basil [Tulsi] plant and how He can be appeased by offering the holy basil twigs coupled with the chanting of hymns. Lord Vishnu's incarnations too exhibited His love for this plant.

On Sunday, Paryaya Puttige Mutt head Sri Sugunendrateertha Swamiji worshiped Lord Sri Krishna by offering a crore [10,000,000] holy basil twigs. Over a thousand Vedic scholars joined the Swamiji in chanting 'Vishnu Sahasra Namavali' on the occasion. The twigs were showered, duly coupled with the chanting of different names of the Lord, to the replica of the Lord's deity established at the Rajangan here.

Along with the Paryaya Swamiji, Pejawar Mutt Sri Vishweshateertha Swamiji, Shirur Mutt Sri Lakshivarateertha Swamiji, Bheemanakatte Mutt Sri Raghumanyateertha Sripad also offered holy basil twigs to the Lord's deity.
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