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UK`s Avanti Schools and Bhaktivedanata College Announce Plans for Collaboration

By: for on April 5, 2012
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The Krishna Avanti School in Harrow, UK
Nitesh Gor (Director of I-Foundation and Avanti Schools Trust) and Yadunandana Swami (Principal of Bhaktivedanta College, Belgium), have been discussing possible partnerships between the College and the burgeoning number of I-Foundation/Avanti Schools Trust schools. The prospects look promising. After fulfilling postgraduate requirements, College graduates will be well-equipped to apply for teaching and leadership posts in Avanti Schools. This collaboration primarily aims to help the I-Foundation meet the unprecedented demand for qualified teachers, underscored by the government’s recent approval of a fourth, ‘all-through’ (Primary and Secondary) school, scheduled to open this September.

Bhaktivedanta College offers young people an opportunity for achieving a UK-validated Bachelors degree, while living in or near the Radhadesh ISKCON community in Belgium. Located in the scenic Ardennes region of Belgium, the campus is an ideal setting for study and contemplation. By promoting professional achievement, the College offers ISKCON members realistic, positive career prospects, as well as opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

Bhaktivedanta College will be teaching an exciting new degree accredited by the University of Chester: a BA in ‘Educational Studies, Theology and Religion’. This pioneering program nurtures a broad critical awareness of education, especially in the diverse contexts where it interacts with faith, spirituality and ethics: a sound foundation for the aspirant Primary or Secondary teacher. The award also opens up many other career possibilities, in public, voluntary and corporate sectors, such as in school leadership, tertiary education and human resource departments.

Anyone interested in pursuing an unusual and fulfilling educational career should contact one of the following:
Yadunandana Swami:
Ananta Rupa Das:
Rasamandala Das:

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