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Unity and Diversity
By A Poem by HH Bhaktimarga Swami   |  Mar 25, 2023

Image: ISKCON Dallas, 2019 (ISKCON News Archives)


A letter was dispatched in 1973
Meant for leaders, the you and me
Penned by our dear His Divine Grace
Of the concept he willed us to embrace

It was 50 years ago that his message came through
Very thematic to the belief of Mahaprabhu
One that Krishna taught in chapter 9
Of His presence and absence both at the same time

The topic was one of unity and diversity
And how to apply it to country and city
To our daily life and to our every moment
All along it’s been there but we were dormant

Like a tree of one trunk that’s many branched
Like a rainbow of many colours, all arched
Like clay of one substance to make many pots
Like a line that’s linked by so many dots

This oneness and difference has such a great appeal
Of inclusive variants, something we should seal
It basically says, “unity without uniformity”
And, “no fragmentation in diversity”

We agree to sometimes disagree
That’s okay, the way it should be
You have gopi left and gopi right
Two wings put a bird to flight

ISKCON is dynamic, a culture of depth
Inconceivable is the word we are left
A united nations of the spiritual world
Through discussion its secret will unfurl

Let’s explore the U in unity

– By Bhaktimarga Swami