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University Challenge by UK`s Pandava Sena

By: for Bhaktivedanta Manor Newsletter on Dec. 10, 2010
Being a ‘fresher’ at university is an unforgettable experience. ‘Freshers Fayres’ aim to epitomise this mood. Taking this spirit to heart, the award winning Pandava Sena Krishna Consciousness Society (KC Socs) University Team is offering students the chance to experience a real-life ‘University Challenge’ - or as the Pandava Sena motto goes, ‘A Life Less Ordinary’!

Presenters, Society Presidents and Volunteers all got together to plan the next phase of the revolution in youth consciousness. This culminated in KC Soc representation at university Freshers Fayres around the country. Armed with a wide variety of paraphernalia, including eye-catching banners, mantra mediation kits, thousands of delicious cakes, cookies and sweets, T shirts, pamphlets, books, incense sticks, face-paint, mugs, fliers, and newly printed carrier bags, it’s safe to say that our university spiritual warriors - a transcendental version of ‘The A-Team’ - took the UK’s Freshers by storm!

Having won prestigious awards in Kings, City and QMW last year we have continued to build on our success at over 20 universities nationwide. With hundreds of paid members, and over 2500 contacts, each university now has an average attendance rate of 25 students per session (Sheffield had over 80 students attend their first event!). There are weekly Yoga classes, interactive workshops, debates, vegetarian cooking lessons and mantra meditation classes to name but a few of the activities that KC Socs are actively conducting in a campus near you! In addition, every Wednesday, there is ‘Oasis in the City’ programme at London’s Radha Krishna temple, a session organised for students to come together and experience a sacred environment. More than 30 students came to the first event ‘Eat Pray Love’ – the evening included an interactive self development workshop.

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