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Untimely Rath Yatra: ISKCON Says It Will Take Some Time To Switch 50-Year-Old Traditions
By Odishatv Bureau   |  Feb 15, 2020

Bhubaneswar/New Delhi: With flames of protest erupting in Odisha over the untimely Rath Yatra organised by International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) on the occasion of Basant Panchami in Mumbai, Yudhistir Govinda Das, national director of communications, ISKCON (New Delhi) has finally released a statement mentioning that the chariot fest of the Holy Trinity is being observed as per the scriptures.

“Gajapati Maharaja Dibyasingha Deb in November 2019 had suggested that we could observe Rath Yatra in the 12 days between Gundicha and Bahuda Yatra. Since ISKCON has been organising the fest for the last five decades, it will take some time for transition,” said Das.

Detailing on the national meeting in November last year, Das informed that at the request of Gajapati Maharaja, ISKCON had resolved to move the Rath Yatra festivals that it celebrates across the country to coincide with the 12-day Rath Yatra period in Asadha month.

“We would like to let the public know that late last year, ISKCON was contacted by the representatives of Gajapati Maharaja regarding their concerns about the Rath Yatra dates. ISKCON’s leadership took immediate steps to address their concerns and entered into a dialogue with the stakeholders. Two meetings were held in Bhubaneshwar which was chaired by the Gajapati Maharaja and was cordial in nature. Both sides presented their viewpoints on the topic. Due to the vast activities of ISKCON, Gajapati Maharaja kindly suggested that we could also observe the Rath Yatra in the 12 days between the Gundicha and Bahuda Rath Yatra. We also presented the scriptural injunctions given in Skanda Purana which allows Rath Yatra festival on two other dates. Since these festivals are happening for the last 50 years, it will take some time for transition.” said Yudhistir Das.

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