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Upcoming Bhakti Shastri Courses in Brazil
By Dhanvantari Swami   |  Jan 15, 2011

Organizers of the upcoming Bhakti-shastri courses in Brazil are accepting applications from now until February 11, 2011.

Course in two Campi:

Campus I – Campina Grande, Paraíba – Brazil

Campus II – Nova Gokula, Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo – Brazil

Beginning of the classes: March 14, 2011

Ending: September 30, 2011

International examination: September 24 and 25, 2011


Bhagavad-gita I– Study of the macro divisions of the books, structural analysis of each chapter, its thematic sessions, connections with the following chapters and the philosophical flow. The focus is on the original texts of the chapters. (Facilitators:Dhanvantari Swami, ACBSP, BhS and Sesha Lila Das, HDG, BhS)

Bhagavad-gita II– Study of Prabhupada’s purports, its specific characteristics, foundations, analogies, cultural references, Brahma-madhva-gaudiya sampradaya siddhanta. (Facilitators: Gunesvara Das, ACBSP, BhS and Maha-Krsna-Nam Das Adhikari, JPS, BhS, BA in Philosophy)

Bhagavad-gita III– Written and spoken projects regarding philosophical topics across the different chapters. (Facilitator:Dhanvantari Swami, ACBSP, BhS)

The Nectar of Devotion I–Preliminary study of the book, focused on the philosophical concepts. Deepening in the Sadhana Bhakti Topics. (Facilitators: Ramai Das

Adhikari, DVS, BhS and Dhavali Das, DVS, BhS)

The Nectar of Devotion II– Advanced study of the subject, expanding the philosophical topics, discussing and contextualizing them, specially Bhava and Prema

Bhakti. (Facilitator: Gunesvara Das Adhikari, ACBSP, BhS)

Sri Isopanisad – Study of the book structural analysis with its thematic sections, epistemology, Bhaktivedanta purports, foundations, analogies and siddhanta. (Facilitator: Naveen Krishna Das, RNS, BhS, Psychology undergraduate student)

Upadeshamrta–Study of the book structural analysis with its thematic sessions, ethics, etiquette, vaishnava psychology, Bhaktivedanta purports, foundations, analogies and siddhanta. (Facilitator: Yamunacarya Das Adhikari, HDG, BA in Science of Religion)

Bhakti Sastri Communications– Written and spoken projects regarding topics across the different works studied. (Facilitator:Dhanvantari Swami, ACBSP, BhS)

Sanskrit Language I– Study of Devanagari alphabet, exegetic analysis of the slokas, pronunciation rules, metric recitation and memorization techniques.(Facilitator: Gunesvara Das Adhikari, ACBSP, BhS)

Communication and Leadership– Research techniques, oral presentation of projects and interactive approach to knowledge. (Facilitator: Mitravinda DD, DVS, BhS, Bhakti Vaibhava and Psychology undergraduate student)

Facilities Available:

– Appropriated environment for study and introspection.

– Air-conditioned classroom with multimedia equipment.

– Classes in programmed times.

– Capable and experienced leadership.

– Philosophical Ista-gosthis.

– Specialized library.

– Comfortable accommodations in suites with two bunk beds.

– Mechanized laundry.

– Telephone for receiving calls.

– Healthy meals three times a day.

– Temple with Maha-Gaura-Nitai Deities and all ISKCON standard activities.

– One workday per week for resting or other personal needs.

– Optional: Free month for participation in October International Sankirtan Marathon.

Entry Requirements:

– Being over 18 years old.

– High School graduation certificate.

– 2 ID photos.

– inclination for studies.

– Acceptance of the internal rules.

– Approval in a preliminary interview.

– Payment of the registration fee until February 10, 2011.

– Presentation of a recommendation from an ISKCON authority.

Number of Places:

Campus I – Campina Grande

8 places for male devotees

6 places for female devotees

Campus II – Nova Gokula

6 places for male devotees

4 places for female devotees

Financial Investment:

– Registration fee of R$ 370,00 (Three hundred and Seventy Reais).

-Having available the amount of approximately R$ 350,00 (Three Hundred and Fifty Reais) to honor your share in the payment of the general monthly expenses of the seminary.

– Having a stock of R$ 1.050 (One Thousand and Fifty Reais) for the first three months expenses.

– Paying for your own medical, odontological and other needs.

– Having enough savings to cover personal needs expenses, like articles of hygiene, educational material, uniforms, etc.

For more Information contact: 83-3333-7044 (Bharata Sattama Das) or 83-8831-1766 (Dhanvantari Swami),

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