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Update on ISKCON's Nepal Relief Efforts

By: for ISKCON News on April 30, 2015

As of April 29th, 2015, ISKCON Nepal has distributed over 40,000 plates of hot meal in the earthquake ridden Katmandu and Bhaktapur.

The following is a report ISKCON News received from ISKCON Nepal on April 29th, 2015:

"The devastating earthquake that took place on Saturday, 25 April 2015 has destroyed many houses and has disrupted basic services such as electricity, water and communication. The World Heritage Sites within Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur have been completely damaged. The ISKCON Temple in Kathmandu and Dharan, however, remain unscathed but the BBT building in Kathmandu has suffered cracks on the walls. Though many temples and deities within Bhaktapur Durbar Square have been reduced to rubble, the Jagannath Temple, which is under ISKCON management, has stood firm in the face of the earthquake, with minor damages to the roof. Many devotees have lost their near and dear ones and also their homes. 

The major areas where the destruction took place were Gorkha, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. The devotees in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur are trying their best to assist the needy in their respective districts.

In Sankhu (16 km from Kathmandu), the houses along the road had been destroyed. The debris lay along the pavement of the road. There, the people were without food and shelter. When devotees went around distributing prasadam, people were highly appreciative of the non-discriminatory work done. They praised how this should be the standard for those who were willing to lend a helping hand. Anyone from any religious background or political background or any caste was freely given healthy portion of prasasdam. Upon inquiry, it was found that earlier members of the political parties had come to distribute blankets, packaged food and water, but they singled out their cadres and handed relief materials to them. 

As prasadam was being distributed in Patan, the devotees came across a well-off family. Unfortunately their dwelling suffered extensive damage and were forced to reside on the road. They had ATM cards but the ATM machines were not operational and they had no money; they had to rely on bitten rice (chiura) provided by the relief workers. When devotees handed over hot khichadi to them, they were very thankful that they were able to get something hot to eat. Most of the relief workers are providing only dry and packaged food. We have not come across any organization that has been providing hot meals to the victims of the earthquake. 

In Gongabu, a litre of water, which costs Rs.20, was priced at Rs.120 at the day of the earthquake and the following day it was priced at Rs.200 and yet there was a shortage of water. The devotees have been transporting and providing water from the temple to these places where the government has not yet delivered relief.     

So far the Food For Life in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur has served 40,000+ plates of hot prasadam in shelters and hospitals. 




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On Tuesday 28 April, we received 15 doctors from Bhaktivendanta Hospital, Mumbai, who will be conducting health camps around the affected areas with 20 local doctors. We have also received supply of 2 tons of grains from Kolkata. 

Medical camp in Katmandu

We are in need of resources to keep up the distribution of food and other relief materials. We are hoping to reach out to villages where the relief materials have not yet reached. We would request everyone to assist us by sending funds in the accounts below:

A) If the sender is a citizen of country other than India –

FCRA Account. 
Account Name : ISKCON – Gour Purnima Festival Fund
Bank Name : Axis Bank 
Account No. : 237010100071336 
Swift Code : Axis INBB 005 
Branch : Krishna Nagar 
Branch Bank address : 14 M.M. Ghosh Street, Krishna Nagar, West Bengal, India 
Type of Account : Savings Account.

(B) If the sender is a citizen of only India –

Account Name : ISKCON
Bank Name : HDFC Bank
Account No. : 00221000034555
RTGS / IFSC Code: HDFC0000022
Branch : Golpark, Kolkata.
Type of Account : Savings Account.

After remittance, please email ISKCON Mayapur Nepal Relief Fund: with the following details to track the remittance:- 

1. Name of Donor

2. Country name (for foreign remittances)

3. Date of remittance

4. Amount remitted

5. Swift copy of remittance (for remittance from country other than India, sometimes the amount does not show in our bank account, in such case swift copy of remittance helps bank to trace the amount. If the fund shows up in bank account then this is not required) Swift message is generated by the remitter’s bank when you make payment to our account. Swift message is useful for us to trace the remittance as well to our bank.

Here are our contact numbers for any questions and query:

+91 9910576903 – Patri das (Co- Regional Secretary , ISKCON NEPAL). Email:

+977 9801205727 – Rupesvara Gaura das (ISKCON Kathmandu Temple President). Emai:

+977 9801080108 – Visvajit Vrajesa das (BBT, Food for Life Director). Email:"

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