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Urgent Appeal for Mayapur and Bangladesh Covid-Relief Donations
By ISKCON Communications Global   |  May 15, 2021

The Covid crisis continues to affect India and Bangladesh and the ISKCON communities there in a terrible way. We have lost many members of our extended ISKCON family, and people in the surrounding regions of our communities are struggling with the Covid disease and its impact on food supplies, financial security, and more.  

ISKCON is responding in two primary ways.  

First, devotees of ISKCON’s international communities are contributing much needed funds to relieve the suffering in the Sridham Mayapur region, our ISKCON global headquarters, and the sacred birthplace of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu; and in Bangladesh, the birthplace of many Gaudiya Vaishnava saints. 

Second, devotees and temples within India have launched an effort to raise funds to help their “sister” temples and communities in other parts of India.

Today, on this auspicious day of Aksaya Trtitiya, we are writing to beg your support on behalf of the international effort to help send relief to Mayapur and Bangladesh. The financial aid for these areas will focus on urgently necessary medical equipment and supplies, setting up a covid ward for the sick, and providing for wide-scale distribution of prasada. 

We request that all ISKCON leaders, temple communities, and individual devotees outside of India please contribute now to help the residents of these sacred places.

This video provides more details regarding the urgent need and our goal of $800,000 for this relief effort. Please generously donate what you can, and help share the word with your friends throughout the devotee community. 

How to donate:

For Mayapur:

  o To contribute via Payment Gateway (Razorpay) visit

   o Contribute via PayPal by using the id

      [Taxable for US citizens as a 501(c)3]

For Bangladesh: 

  o Contribute via PayPal by using the id

 [Taxable for US citizens as a 501(c)3]

Thank you for your care for the residents of Mayapur and Bangladesh, and for your selfless support.

The Mayapur-Bangladesh Relief Appeal team

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