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Vasis Studio Music Concepts Presents The Definitive Harmonium
By Khusboo Basan, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Mar 12, 2023

Vasis Studio Music Concepts was born in Sri Mayapur Dham around 2 years ago with the proposal of offering a comprehensive, straightforward method for anyone to learn kirtan music with instruments from scratch.

Initially, they were a kirtan band traveling the whole India and other countries (more than 20) doing Stage programs which were forbidden because of COVID restrictions. They raised funds with friends and followers for almost 10 years and finally established a music studio where they recorded an album, made videos for their Youtube channel and created The Definitive Harmonium Course, which today is their main activity.HH Sri Krishna Caitanya Swami Maharaj from the ISKCON Kirtan Ministry in his appraisal said,”Vasis Studio has set a new standard in Vaishnava Harmonium tuition, with a well designed course, modern teaching facilities, and inspiring devotee sanga. All this in three languages which makes The Definitive Harmonium Course highly recommended.”

The Vasis Studio Music Concepts booth at ILS 2023

Nitya Kishor Dasi, the marketing manager was happy with the response received at the ILS this year. She says,”It was very good, we could meet a lot of leaders and present to them our project, which had an excellent response. It is a great opportunity to come to learn about many projects all around the world and also present yours.”

The visitors were very much impressed with the response with the way Vasis Studio Music Concepts implemented their marketing and communication strategies to make themselves understood.
Nitya Kishor Dasi remarks, “We tried to keep it low and do everything possible to achieve our goals.We got more than we expected, it went beyond.”

In future, they hope to be much more prepared for the next ILS. Nitya adds,”We believe that it can be much more international and the interaction much more valuable if the organizers make sure the leaders/devotees/members/ coordinators attend. For that to become reality a huge database would be built and Mayapur should be prepared with a western team to receive them in Mayapur, solving the communication and cultural gap.”

You can connect with Vasis Studio Music Concepts in +91 8927 558282 and

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