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  • In Loving Memory of HG Pankajanghri Das

    Source: Mayapur Melodies 

    Song and music video by Sukanthi Radha dasi made when Pankajanghri prabhu was still physically with us, praying that he may recover. The song was adapted slightly after he left his body.

  • Happy Mothers Day: Celebrating Gratitude

    "Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever." On this beautiful day, let's celebrate our gratitude towards all the mothers & mother-like angles in our lives.

  • 'Spiritual Solutions' with Krishna Dharma

    Source: Kishori Jani

    Krishna Dharma Das is the acclaimed author of a number of English versions of Ancient Indian classics including Mahabharata, Ramayana and Panchatantra. He is also a broadcaster, appearing regularly on the BBC’s ‘Pause For Thought’, and has written many articles giving the Vedic spiritual perspective on current events. He is a student of His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the Founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. His books are readily available on Amazon and through his website 

  • What It's Like To Work At A Crematorium In India As The Death Toll Mounts

    Source: Insider News

    How One Man Is Honoring The Dead As India's COVID-19 Death Toll Climbs

    India had 360,960 new COVID-19 cases in one day this week, marking the world's largest single-day total. The country has nearly 18 million infections and more than 200,000 people have already died. One man is doing what he can to honor those whose lives have been cut short by the virus. 

  • Moods of Kirtan, New Song Released by Gauravani Das

    Moods of Kirtan (feat. Yaitza "Jaya Sita" Lopez)

    Full poem with translation. Voice. Cello. Guitar. Beautiful. Simple. Epic.

  • Taking Suicide out of the Closet

    Taking Suicide out of the Closet

    Rambhoru Dasi, ACBSP, Certified Professional Chaplain, Crisis Counselor, and Spiritual Director discusses this important topic.

    Suicide is a dirty word mired in judgment, shame, and taboo. It is often whispered, denied, or avoided altogether. Given the staggering statistics, isn’t it time we take suicide out of the closet and bring it into the light? Isn’t it time we begin the conversation, so we can help one another and find solutions to help alleviate the enormous amount of pain circling our planet – and sad to say – in our ISKCON movement? The first step is to understand suicide. This helps make sense of the unknown and fear, the tainted and tabooed.

    An excellent resource: "Understanding Your Suicide Grief" by Alan Wolfelt.

    This presentation was organized by the Alachua EOL Team.  Donations to Rambhoru Dasi are graciously accepted through Karuna Care Education at Karuna Care Education | Karuna Care, LLC (Powered by Donorbox)  or

  • GBC SPT Some Lessons I've learned dealing with Covid-19 with Gopal Bhatta das

    Some Lessons I've learned dealing with Covid-19, Q&A with GBC SPT chair Please join us to hear from Gopal Bhatta das as he shares the essential lessons he has learned in chairing the SPT through a most difficult year of Covid-19 along with personally helping over 100 devotees, friends and colleagues who have gotten sick with Covid-19, some with life-threatening complications. About Gopal Bhatta Das Gopal Bhatta Dasa was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1971 in Detroit, US. From 1973 until 1976, Gopal Bhatta Dasa served as a sankirtan leader for the following cities: Cleveland, Detroit, Dallas and Chicago. He was the temple president in Los Angeles from 1977 until 1980. It is unique that Gopal Bhatta das is currently in no position of formal leadership or management within ISKCON but he contributes with an independence that is considered by many to give a fresh perspective. He is the chairperson of the Strategic Planning Team (SPT) that was activated in 2006 and he has created vitality and drive among the team members that are supporting the GBC’s future. His vision for ISKCON is “more devotees, happier devotees.” He has three sons and one daughter, and his home base is Los Angeles, CA.

    Disclaimer: This does not express the official position of the GBC Body and is solely the opinion of the author. The GBC Body does not give medical advice and neither does it encourage/discourage vaccinations or any other medical precautions or treatments.

  • Gita Nagari Eco Farm & Sanctuary

    New video-project filmed for Gita Nagari Farm.

    Oriented for students from colleges and universities around the East Coast. Gita Nagari EcoFarm and Sanctuary provides a safe platform for team build among the students during alternative breaks. High fives to Rana Mohamed Kate Sweeney & Helen Mendenhall from Penn State for sharing their experience for this video. 


    Directed by:

  • Krishna Conscious Agriculture

    Source: Nava Vraja-dhama

    Krishna Valley is the largest and most well organized ecological community in Hungary, and of Central-Europe.  It has been established since 1993.  In our farm communities like Krishna Valley we offer an alternative toward a more sustainable, carefree, happy and peaceful future.  

    Krishna Valley's 110 acres, which used to be pasture land for sheep in the past, is home to a great variety of species. There are more than 950 different species of trees and bushes in its botanical garden, which enables us (besides education) to preserve the values of nature and to find and research new varieties of edible plants.  Self-sufficiency has been our basic principle since the beginning with the help of community work, social development and traditional technologies. 

    For more information, please visit:

  • Jahnavi Harrison Maha Mantra [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]

    The Maha Mantra is composed of Divine names: 'Hare' - the divine feminine; 'Krishna' - the all-attractive; 'Rama' - the reservoir of all pleasure. These divine names clean the mirror of the heart, removing the dust and grime of misconception and false identity; allowing us to see our true reflection. The divine names are compared to a monsoon cloud, deep, beautiful and heavily laden with cooling rain, able to fully extinguish the ‘maha-davagni’ the blazing forest fire of material suffering. In the same way that monsoon rains quench the parched earth and bring verdant life back to the forests and plains, the sacred names revive the heart that has been thirsty for time immemorial. The saint and divine avatar, Shri Chaitanya, compares the heart to a Kairava flower: a night blooming lily that opens as the moon rises. As the beautiful moon of the divine names arise within the inner sky, the heart naturally opens, revealing its natural beauty and releasing its beautiful fragrance. The vibration of the sacred names awakens the innate beauty of the soul and uncovers our deepest potential.

  • Off the Altar Podcast with Dhanya

    Welcome to Episode Two of Off The Altar Podcast, with our very special guest Dhanya Rico. Dhanya Rico is a 2nd generation practitioner of Krsna Consciousness. She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Dhanya holds a Master’s degree in Counselor Education and holds a Specialist’s degree in Couples and Family therapy. She is passionate about developing therapeutic tools that incorporate Bhakti principles and practices as means of reconnecting with our essential nature. Dhanya is also a singer/songwriter and kirtan artist who has traveled the world sharing the message of Krsna Consciousness, performing her original musical compositions as well as collaborating with the renowned Kirtan group, Mayapuris. She currently lives in Alachua, Florida, as part of the ISKCON New Raman Reti community, where she serves as a member of the local Child Protection Team.

  • Thank you, Vaishnavas
    This video is a tribute to the senior devotees who fought valiantly in the Soviet Union, risking their lives to get Srila Prabhupada Books distributed. Credits: film by Vanipriya and Paulius Dragunas. 
    Source: Vanipriya
  • Road to Vrindavan - Film Premiere - Online - Free

    Road to Vrindavan - online film premiere is available to stream March 30th, 8 PM - April 5th, 6 PM EDT 

    Road to Vrindavan examines the importance of education for girls in India and the insight needed for tradition to be applied in ways that uplift rather than oppress its future. 

    - Online Premiere Information - 

    Dates: Available to stream March 30th, 8 PM - April 5th, 6 PM EDT


    Cost: Free. A donation is strongly encouraged to support girl's educations at the Sandipani Muni School in Vrindavan, India.

    Reviews: Described as "heartbreaking yet incredibly hopeful’" and "brave, honest, and beautiful."

    Synopsis: On a life-changing journey across India, culture, and progress collide as a former Krishna monk re-examines traditional gender roles. Just as he is understanding the barriers girls face, he is hit with a challenge that sends him on a new line of discovery. Will education bring them true equality or simply transform them into caged butterflies? How do you ensure lasting change?

  • The Psychology of Devotion with Cristina Casanova

    Joshua M. Greene (Yogesvara Das) interviews Cristina Casanova (Krishna Lila Dasi) about the confluence of Bhakti teachings and contemporary family and personal therapy.

    Topics include:

    • The pathologies that accompany a life of devotion
    • Translating terms of devotion into modern clinical language
    • Risks and rewards on the journey to selfhood

    More information: 

  • INDIA'S BOOK OF WISDOM: The Bhagavata Purana | Full Documentary

     “India’s Book of Wisdom—The Bhagavata Purana”. See more from Bhagavata Purana Research Project here