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Violence is Not Golden
By Bhaktimarga Swami   |  Oct 22, 2021

Violence is not Golden

  By: Bhaktimarga Swami 

Violence is not golden
But action with intelligence stolen
The insecurities that a person may feel
Arise from that which is not real
A mistaken notion that the body is me
When I am its engine, a soul identity
If someone has a belief of a different view
Does it mean then that they are askew?
No!  Me and my group are not the center of all
That is the beginning of a major downfall
A failure in human thought and behaviour
Morphing into an obnoxious disfavour
The greatest flaw is misinterpretation
A gross misread fueling discrimination
So, before we pass any needless judgement
Reason should call for some adjustment
Ignorance is the vacuum of wisdom
A pull to an ugly fearsome asylum
It must be smashed by common sense
Dismantling a poor ineffective fence
We all stand to profit from peaceful aggression
And avoid a flood of blood obsession
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