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Vishvajit Dasa from Chernihiv, Ukraine
By   |  May 05, 2022

We appreciate your prayers and financial support for Ukrainian devotees during these critical times. All donations will be used to support the devotees suffering from the conflict in Ukraine.

* Donations will be used for the following:
* Helping devotees and their families relocate from conflict zones
* Help support devotees who are unable to maintain themselves
* Supporting brahmacharis
* Deity seva
* Food Relief

Decisions on how to allocate donations will be made by the devotees responsible for dispersing the funds. If you would like your donation used for a specific purpose, you may specify it as well. All reports will be submitted to ISKCON leadership, care of HH Niranjana Swami. Ukrainian devotees are encouraged to share their stories with us so that we may assist you better. To upload your pictures and videos,

Please go to to find out the latest updates on the situation and the ways how you can help.

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