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Vrindavan Web Series: Mathura – Gokul | Braj Mandal Parikrama
By ISKCON Bangalore   |  Nov 27, 2021

Welcome to Braj Mandal Parikarama!

The scriptures declare the land of Braj to be the holiest of places in the universe, as the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna, performed His pastimes in this sacred land, 5000 years ago. Here is the list of places we will be visiting on the first day of the Parikrama:

1) Mathura – The birthplace of Lord Krishna and the capital city of the warrior kings of the lineage of Lord Krishna.

2) Vishrama Ghat – ‘Vishrama’ means ‘rest’ and ‘Ghat’ means steps leading to the sacred river. It is said that Lord Krishna took a rest at this spot along the river Yamuna after killing the tyrannical King Kamsa.

3) Gokula – Among the 12 forests of Braj, the first and foremost is the forest of Mahavana. Mahavana is also called Gokula.

4) Nanda Bhavan – Nanda Bhavan was the residence of Nanda Maharaja, the father of Lord Sri Krishna.

5) Ukhal Bandhan – Lord Krishna got the name ‘Damodara’ because Mother Yashoda tied little Krishna’s belly with ropes, to a grinding mortar. This sweet pastime of motherly punishment took place here.

6) Brahmanda Ghat – The place where Lord Krishna showed the entire universe within His mouth to a stunned Mother Yashoda.

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