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Wake Up To Death

By: for ISKCON News on March 3, 2018
Photo Credits: Salesfusion


Unless you turn prudent and wise
You are in for a nasty surprise
In a world of birth, old age,disease and death
No one could ever escape their wrath.

In millions of lifetimes wasted away
Your soul enjoyed in every way
You acted enough and went astray
In the scene of birth and death’s replay.
He remembers all, you remember nay
And warns you in every possible way
This world is not for overstay.

As He says in Gita, eight point sixteen
And repeats it number of times, umpteen
That those who make Him life’s captain
Never take birth in this world again
As His divine abode those souls attain.

God’s abode as they explain
Is without misery, death and pain
In eternal bliss that world sustains.
So think O lost soul once again
Think of this as bad bargain
There is no loss, there is only gain.

Run as far as you think you can
Arms of death catch you offhand
Our endless plans never let up
Before, messengers of death show up
And say - Sorry sir..your time is up!
Death won’t show the mercy slight
When 42,000 scorpions bite
Pain of death, is by no means joke
Desire to love god, it must invoke.

Its too late to pray at that time
Alas! I forgot life’s purpose of mine
Can I please get, a few moments more
I am missing those, whom I adore.
But a moment won’t be granted more
If spiritual life is all you ignore
Messengers of death will say no more
And pull the soul through one of the nine doors.

Whoever you think of, when you die
Human being, cat, dog or fly
Same body for next life, you buy.

A perishable body waits for you
Making birth and death’s cycle continue..
So wake up before time gets you
Search for truth is long overdue.

Without any further delay
Make chanting beads your close ally
Fix your mind and heart and pray-
Holy names show me the way.
When this world appears to be grey
Only Holy names shine like sun ray. 
This game of changing bodies must be ended
Our relationship with God must be mended
For remembering Him until last breath
Is success of one’s life and death.

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