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What Will I Carry With Me Into the New Year?

By: for on Jan. 1, 2020

A friend and god-sister of mine, Urmila Devi, recently gave me a generous gift of an Amazon kindle. It’s been so useful, while traveling so much, instead of traveling with my usual overweight load of precious books.

The other day, she was giving me a (second) lesson on how to use it. I confessed to her that I have a mental block against technology. She told me firmly that she would give me the kindle lesson, only if I promised to never again say that I have a mental block against technology. I promised her that.

We all have stories about ourselves that become part of our identity, part of how we self-identify. For example, I’m not good at technology, or I’ve been abused, or I’ve been betrayed… These stories don’t just go away, or have to continue – but they don’t have to be a part of who I am.

If I continue to self-identify in these ways, then I will keep replaying their messages, keep reliving the past, and keep continuing these toxic patterns. And I will have no sense of my own reality without them.

What’s the new pattern I’d like to carry with me into the new year? What’s my intention of a new reality for 2020 and beyond?

Here’s one I’m putting forward for the new year:

I take each step forward each day, in service, in balance and in joyful gratefulness!

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