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Will the Bible Museum Give Guests an Eden Experience?

By: for on Oct. 9, 2014
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Will the Bible Museum go for Eden food?

Construction is about to begin on a massive Bible museum near the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and PETA is urging the museum’s chair, Steve Green, to serve exclusively “Eden food”—vegan food, that is—in the museum’s restaurant.

As PETA’s letter points out, it makes sense to serve plant-based cuisine at the museum, since according to the first chapter of Genesis, Eden was vegan. The Bible says that when Christ comes again, there will be no hurting or killing animals—animals and humans will live in peace with one another. Leaving meat, eggs, and dairy products off the menu also honors Jesus’ call to compassion and mercy by saving countless chickens from being crammed inside dark sheds reeking of ammonia, fish from experiencing excruciating decompression and suffocation when pulled from the water, cows from having their horns gouged out or cut or burned off, mother pigs from being locked in stalls so small that they can’t turn around, and other animals raised for food from all manner of abuse.

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