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Yamuna River Will Be Brought Under Environment Protection Act, Says Govt

By: for on March 23, 2015
World News
Photo Credits: Filip Cargonja

The government has promised to bring the Yamuna river under the the Environment Protection Act within two months to ensure "free flow of the river".

Union Minister Ravishankar Prasad gave this assurance to the members of Yamuna Muktikaran Padyatra, undertaken for making Yamuna pollution free, in New Delhi on Sunday, said Ravi Monga, spokesman and core committee member of the padyatra committee.

"Our demands were that the Yamuna should be brought under the Environment Protection Act and the immediate need to allow the environmental flow of natural waters from Hathini Kund Barrage and the water should be allowed to flow on the entire stretch of Yamuna River Bed to maintain its adequate ecological flow," he said.

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