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Yoga Celebrates The Start of Summer in Times Square takeover

By: for on June 23, 2011
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NEW YORK — Several hundred yoga enthusiasts brought some peace and serenity to the bustling plazas of Times Square Tuesday morning to celebrate the first day of summer.

"I feel the energy in the air, that vibrancy. It's amazing. It's the center of the world," said Anne Pollard, 33, visiting from Minnesota, who said she could feel the rumbling of the subway below the street as she stretched out on a yoga mat for a free early morning session organized by the Times Square Alliance.

Michelle Merrifield, 29, who runs her own yoga studio in Australia, said that getting to practice in the middle of Times Square was a thrill.

"It's just amazing," she said. "To be in the heart of that and try to find your inner stillness in the chaos of the world's most famous place ... it's really incredible."

Merrifield was also pleased to see such a diverse crowd, with skill levels ranging from expert to novice, like Linda Newman from the Upper West Side.

"They're so good," marveled Newman, 61, who was celebrating her second year at the annual event, and said that despite the flashing billboards and honking cabs whizzing by, she felt at peace and energized.

"This teaches you to concentrate on your inner self," she said.

For passersby, the men and women dressed in leggings and brightly colored tanks for as far as the eye could see was also a sight to behold.

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