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Yoga Shala North Wales, UK, Welcomes ISKCON Monks to Rhuddlan
By Duncan Rieder   |  Jan 17, 2020


More than 30 people have taken to their mats to welcome the first Hare Krishna Shala to North Wales.

The village has become the new home to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), with six monks marking the occasion at Yoga Shala North Wales on the High Street.

To usher in this “auspicious” new, monthly series of ISKCON spiritual practices – popularised by the Beatle George Harrison’s use of the Hare Krishna chant on his1970 track My Sweet Lord – monks and yoga enthusiasts joined Shala owner Yogi Lee Das for music, ‘Kirtan’ storytelling, chanting and a sanctified ‘Prasadam’ vegetarian dishes.

Mr Das, 38 of Prestatyn, said: “This is a huge deal for our community, to have six yogi monks in our area was striking and a uplifting moment.”

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