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You Changed the Way We Think

By: on Aug. 28, 2021

Sequestered by millions of miles,

Yet closer to the heart lies.

Instructions that mold our lives,

On them, our devotional creeper thrives.


Never have our eyes met,

To read my mind and interpret.

But the knowledge that penetrated,

Changed the way, my thoughts crowded.


Had we not met you ever,

Only would increase our material fever!

Living here for lifetimes, innumerable,

Would continue to rot in this place, so miserable!


Skin disease would condition us more,

How would kirtan heal the heart full of sores?

Greed and anger, lust would fuel,

Gliding down to hell, to dwell!


We are not God, happy or melancholy,

But a servant of God, tiny living entity!

Giving us a process, not cumbersome,

Taking us back home to Vrindavan!


Mercy as prasadam, Deities, and devotees,

Have replaced our worries with bliss.

Your greatness and unlimited glories,

How can it be described in these few lines!

[ poem ] [ srila-prabhupada ]