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Zonal Secretary HG Devakinandan Prabhu Visits Jharikhand
By Achintyarup Das, PA to Devakinandan Prabhu   |  Mar 18, 2023

Jharikhand comes from the word Jhar + Khand, meaning the land of forest. This is the holy place where Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu made the tigers and deers dance together in Harinam Sankirtan ( Place: Charan pahadi, Kujju) where the footprints of the Lord and animals are still engraved in the rocks. Presenting some preaching reports of Jharkhand.


Reports from Ranchi1)

ISKCON Ranchi’s Manager, Madhusudan Mukund Prabhu, is delighted to share that the Mega Youth Festival “Parivartan,” hosted on February 12, 2023, at IMA institute Ranchi, was a grand success as it saw the active participation of over 1000 youth boys. HG Devakinandan Prabhu Ji, Zonal Secretary for Jharkhand, graced the event. He delivered effective, engaging & introspective sessions for the youth and devotees. He emphasized the fact that if one wants to experience real peace and balance other responsibilities of life, connecting to the soul and Krishna through the Bhagavad Gita is the only way. The youth from different universities and colleges, like- RIMS, NIFFT, and Sai University, and diverse backgrounds like the ones preparing for varied competitive exams were thoroughly absorbed throughout the session. The participation in the Q&A session left everybody wonderstruck as boys aged between 18-35 asked pertinent & relevant questions. More than 600 copies of the Bhagavad Gita as it is were distributed. The Festival ended with inspiring drama, melodious Kirtana, and Delicious Prasadam for all. All the major print and digital media did extensive news coverage of the event the next day. HG Devakinand Prabhu, Zonal Secretary, especially liked the idea of preaching to every town and village of Jharkhand by Sankirtan Bus with help of an enthusiastic group of devotees. The team has reached fourteen districts of Jharkhand distributing thousands of plates of prasadam and books and connecting hundreds of people to Krishna Consciousness.

2) Tribal Development- HG Devakinandan Prabhu, Zonal Secretary, met various dignitaries to bring out various development projects of ISKCON. This includes a combined holistic approach to ECO Village which would include cow protection, organic farming, tribal education, and care. He met Dr. Vasavi Kero, founder of Torung Trust and former member of Jharkhand’s Women Commission, and Mr.Sudarshan Bhagat, member of the Indian Parliament and the Minister of State Tribal Affairs. These meetings were coordinated by ISKCON Ranchi Team consisting of HG Bhupati Govind Prabhu, Dr. Saurabh Chuadhuri, Mr. Premparakash Aggarwal Ji, and Mr. Pankaj Suman Ji.

Reports from Jamshedpur(Tatanagar)

Tatanagar’s devotees were greatly privileged to have the wonderful association of HG Devakinandan Prabhuji, Zonal Secretary of Jharkhand, on 14th February 2023. ISKCON Tatanagar center in-charge HG TushtaGopal informed that they had arranged an evening lecture of Prabhuji and a huge crowd attended the class even on weekdays. More than 200 devotees benefited from Katha. Devotees were very happy after relishing the wonderful Krishna katha and they all requested Prabhuji to come quite frequently. ISKCON Tatanagar got a piece of land of 3-4 acres and by Krishna’s will a beautiful temple will be manifested soon.

Reports from Bokaro

ISKCON Bokaro manager HG Jagannath Prabhu has informed us about the zonal visit of HG Devakinandan Prabhu, Zonal Secretary of Jharkhand. Hundreds of congregation devotees were present to welcome prabhuji and to hear his lecture. As per the details provided by HG Jagannath Prabhu, ISKCON Bokaro is having 10 acres of land in Pindrajora of Chas and the construction of the kitchen is in the final stage at the site. Hundreds & thousands of people will be fed from this kitchen every day. He said Zonal Secretary’s visits give us more strength & inspiration to become the instrument of Srila Prabhupada.

Reports from Dhanbad

With the blessings of lordship and Srila Prabhupada “ISKCON Dhanbad has recently acquired 5 Acre of land at a classic location in the city which is awaiting to witness the coming of a Grand project comprising Brahmacari Ashram, Guest House, Govinda’s, Goshala, A Vedic Gurukul, Food for Life Center, IYF and lot more without missing the magnificent temple which will be unique in itself.”

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