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4-Day Devotee Sanga Retret With Mahatma Prabhu
By Nityananda Chandra, The Bhakti Center   |  Июл 30, 2022

Please join us for 4 blissful days in the association of Mahatma Das ACBSP. We will retreat at the beautiful Gita Nagari Eco Farm and Sanctuary, which has very comfortable accommodations for families, couples, and singles. Situated in the farmland of Pennsylvania, we will spend time with nature and the cows, come together for the morning program, chant and hear together, have interactive sessions with Mahatma Prabhu, and develop close friendships. The retreat will focus on Krishna Katha, strengthen our japa, and help us find our inspiration and purpose in Prabhupada’s mission. You will leave feeling reinvigorated in your service and rejuvenated in your spiritual life.


Dates and Times 

begins Friday, October 14th at 3 pm EST
concludes Monday, October 17th at 2 pm EST
admission –

$385 Shared Accommodation*
$485 Private Accommodation
location – Gita Nagari Eco Farm and Sanctuary

for any questions, please get in touch with Nityananda Chandra at nc@bhakticenter.org

*Retreat cost is intentionally set low in order to make it accessible for everyone, as a service to our community. This fee covers all room & board and other essential costs but does not include transportation to the retreat center.

For more information please visit Bhakti Center 4-Day Sanga Retreat

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