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  • UK Padayatra Receives Blessings from Dean of Canterbury Cathedral
  • Kirtan Academy on the Road
  • Indian Parliament’s Speaker Visits ISKCON Moscow
  • TOVP Launches "FullDome Mayapur" Project
  • Reviews on the Hare Krishna! Movie in the US
  • Know Your Enemy
Recent News
  • GBC Removes and Replaces ISKCON Brooklyn Temple President
  • By: ISKCON News Staff on July 25, 2017

    The GBC, ISKCON’s ultimate managing authority, has officially removed Ramabhadra Dasa as president of the ISKCON Sri Sri Radha-Govinda Temple at 305 Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn.

  • Panama Rathayatra A Big Draw For Locals
  • By: Madhava Smullen on July 25, 2017

    While some ISKCON Rathayatras attract mostly an internal devotee audience, 90% of the crowd at the recent 18th “Festival de la India” in Panama were local Panamanians.

  • Humor: Paramahamster - Ekadashi
  • By: Madi & Yamal on July 22, 2017

    Our "Paramahamster" comic strip follows an enthusiastic devotee as he navigates a 9 - 5 work day in the corporate world. Please check back weekly for new episodes!

  • Kirtan Academy on the Road
  • By: Promila Chitraka on July 22, 2017

    Yasomati Devi, a co-founder of Kirtan Academy in Mayapur, toured important states such as Delhi and Punjab, in North India to educate devotees about Gaudiya kirtan standards. She explained each ...

  • TOVP Launches "FullDome Mayapur" Project
  • By: Mayapur Communications on July 22, 2017

    The devotees from the TOVP team are developing a project called FullDome. This project will be located on a small piece of land near Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi. Operation FullDome is ...

  • UK Padayatra Receives Blessings from Dean of Canterbury Cathedral
  • By: ISKCON-London Communications on July 21, 2017

    The walk began from Canterbury Cathedral - the mother of all pilgrimage sites in the UK. The devotees were blessed by the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral for a safe journey, providing ...

  • Reviews of the Hare Krishna! Movie in the US
  • By: Madhumangala Das on July 21, 2017

    Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement, and the Swami Who Started It All had its world premiere in June, at the Illuminate film festival in Sedona, in the USA. At ...

  • Indian Parliament’s Speaker Visits ISKCON Moscow
  • By: Olessia Potdserob on July 16, 2017

    On July 10th, an official delegation of the Parliament of India visited ISKCON’s Sri Sri Dayal Nitai Sacisuta temple in Moscow. The delegation was led by Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra ...

    World News
  • How Religious Literacy Can Save Lives
  • By: Aamir Hussain on June 26, 2017

    Religious literacy enables doctors and nurses to better treat a diverse set of ...

  • More Doctors Are Warning Patients to Eat Less Meat
  • By: Mother Jones on June 22, 2017

    And more major medical groups are endorsing a diet heavier in plants.

  • Catholic Groups Launch Conversation about Female Deacons
  • By: Josephine McKenna on June 18, 2017

    Their actions follow the appointment of a panel of experts set up by ...

  • US Southern Baptists Condemn White Supremacy
  • By: Adelle M. Banks on June 18, 2017

    Southern Baptists reversed course and adopted a statement denouncing “alt-right white supremacy,” ...

  • Parliament of World Religions on Climate Change
  • By: ISKCON News Staff on June 9, 2017

    Recently, the Parliament of World Relegions issued a statement.

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