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A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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Feb 04, 2023
Rise of the Bhakti Recovery Group
Jay Subal Balaram Das, Jiva G, Yogesvara Das, and Namamrita Das
There is a quiet yet powerful revolution occurring within the safe and confidential walls of the Bhakti Recovery Group (BRG). With hundreds attending meetings happening daily worldwide, ISKCON members, leaders, and many of the BRG participants agree that this may be one of the most significant developments in devotee care today. BRG combines bhakti yoga with the famed twelve-step recovery program developed in the 1930s by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. Since then, the twelve-step approach has proven itself effective for other kinds of compulsions such as sex addiction, co-dependencies, eating disorders, drugs, and gambling. Some even consider the program “a bona fide spiritual practice,” as it has been the point of entry to acknowledge the existence of a higher power for thousands around the world.
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