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Oct 31, 2022
Global Workshop on Environmental Practices for ISKCON

The ISKCON Environmental Initiative (IEI) Gobal Green Team is offering an online workshop Friday November 18 to discuss and promote environmental practices which can be implemented in temples, communities and private households. Attendence is free and open to all ISKCON devotees, leaders, friends and supporters. Topics will include: - Meet the Global Green Team - Share Insights on Environmental Sustainability - Plan Green Strategies - Greening Your Local Community

ISKCON Environmental Initiative Global Team
May 05, 2022
WAPO: The Amazon, Undone Devouring The Rainforest

Washing Post recently wrote an article about an issue that environmentalists and vegetarians have been aware of for decades, the link between the cattle ranching industry and the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. In looking back at the history of Washington Post articles on this subject, they have been regularly covering the subject from varying angles as far back as 2014. This is quite significant considering the reach and influence of the Washington Post.

Janatari Devi Dasi
Bhumi Global: First-ever Hindu Environmental Survey
Apr 23, 2022
Bhumi Global: First-ever Hindu Environmental Survey

According to a new Bhumi Global survey, Hindus around the world see global environmental issues as an urgent concern. The poll, which was conducted last year and analyzed over the past few months, is the first such global survey conducted among Hindus. Participants of the survey represented the gamut of the Hindu population, including India, the United States, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Mauritius.

ISKCON News Staff
ISKCON Launches Global Environmental Initiative
Apr 22, 2022
ISKCON Launches Global Environmental Initiative

April 22—Aligned with the world celebration of Earth Day 2022, ISKCON is launching a global environmental initiative to assist local temples, communities, and families in better ‘walking our talk” by living more environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyles.

ISKCON Environmental Initiative
Celebrate Earth Day by Promoting Vegetarianism
Apr 22, 2022
Celebrate Earth Day by Promoting Vegetarianism

We've been commemorating Earth Day for 52 years every April 22nd to show our support for environmental protection. This month, approximately 1 billion people will celebrate Earth Day, and today alone, scores of people will plant trees, clean rivers, not use single-use plastics, and recycle. Of course, all of this is beneficial, but it will not save the earth. To genuinely be "green," we must eliminate meat consumption from our diets and demonstrate to others that vegetarianism is the finest thing we can do for our planet and our souls.

Kamala Radha devi dasi
Students Map Out a Sustainable, Eco-friendly Future
Jan 23, 2022
Students Map Out a Sustainable, Eco-friendly Future

From January 3rd to January 14th, 2022, students at the Bhaktivedanta Academy North America (BANA) in Alachua, FL participated in an interdisciplinary project based on building a sustainable school. The project was executed by the middle school and high school student cohorts and their teachers.

Anandini Tikunov (8th-grade student)
Nov 16, 2020
Early Prabhupada Disciple Bhakti Madhurya Govinda Goswami Passes Away

Bhakti Madhurya Govinda Goswami was was one of Srila Prabhupada’s original 100 disciples, and was initiated by His Divine Grace as Makhanlal Das in October 1968.

Rukmini Krishna Das
Mar 22, 2018
Paramahamster – The Spiritual World

Our "Paramahamster" comic strip follows an enthusiastic devotee as he navigates a 9 - 5 work day in the corporate world. Please check back weekly for new episodes!

Madi & Yamal
Nov 17, 2016
Diverse Newcomers Delve into Prabhupada’s Books at Baltimore Bhakti Lounge

Tivon and Cheyenne are an African American couple in their mid-twenties. She works in a steakhouse, and he’s in marketing. Cybil, in her fifties, is a real estate agent. Jorge is a student. Lauren is a professor of music at Towson University. Maria is retired from her government agency job. Ravi is doing his postdoc in medicine at John Hopkins. Kate is a nurse and a Buddhist. And Henna works on a horse farm. They’re as diverse a group as possible, but they all have one thing in common: they’re all regular attendees at the recently re-opened Bhakti Lounge in Baltimore. 

Madhava Smullen
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