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Mayapur Clean and Green Installs Water Pots to Combat Heat Wave
By Kulavati Krishnapriya Devi Dasi, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  May 18, 2024

Murari Mohini Devi Dasi distributing the second batch of water pots (left). Under the Banyan tree close to Sri Sri Radha Madhava’s Mandir (right).

In response to the intense heat wave gripping Mayapur, the Mayapur Clean & Green initiative, under the leadership of Murari Mohini Devi Dasi, has launched a proactive campaign to strategically position clay water pots throughout the area to mitigate the impact of the soaring temperatures on cows and other animals.

Many living entities in Sridham Mayapur are visibly distressed due to the heat and are struggling to find water in the dry conditions. To address this issue, the MCG initiative has commenced the distribution of clay pots prepared with a base of rocks, offering essential hydration to the wildlife and eliciting joyous responses from the creatures.

Community outreach efforts have been set in motion to encourage residents to participate in this noble cause, with the first water pot installed at the Mayapur Community Hospital.

A water pot near Jalangi in Mayapur(left), Another at Gaurnagar in Mayapur (right).

The ultimate goal of the endeavor is to achieve universal adoption, with every household in Sridham Mayapur prioritizing the provision of water bowls or suitable containers for the benefit of the local wildlife. Murari Mohini said,” We would like every house and family in Sridham Mayapur to consider keeping a water bowl. They can also use a different container of their choice. The bowls need to be maintained and cleaned regularly.”

Several families have embraced this initiative, diligently maintaining and caring for their individual vessels, while additional devotees are crafting new bowls to expand the network further.

Gunamai Devi Dasi, a dedicated volunteer, commended Murari. She said, “I visited Murari when I met her for the first time in February. I was so impressed by her dedication, strength, and purpose. I share her concern, and I wish I could be more helpful. She has a good head on her shoulders and a big heart.”

She continued, “The water bowls are very important, and as devotees, we are not supposed to be apathetic, aloof, or desensitized to the needs and suffering of other living creatures. I feel much better knowing that there are other compassionate devotees who are fighting a good fight for this higher cause—trees, cleanliness, and animals in the holy dham.”

This compassionate Mayapur Clean and Green initiative is a visible reminder that every Sri Mayapur resident (dhamvasi), whether human or animal, is esteemed and deserving of kindness. 

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