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ISKCON and the Vaisnava Paradox
Sankirtana Das
The Hindus who visit our Krishna temples perceive ISKCON as an orthodox movement, appreciating the traditional temple service and how beautifully the altars are maintained. Many of our western friends might appreciate the Krishna movement differently: as a modern and relevant movement that advocates vegetarianism, honors the Earth, and offers meditation through joyous singing and dancing.
Ask a Nerd
Ask a Nerd: Does the Bhagavatam Really Say That the Earth is Flat?
Mauricio Garrido PhD (Murali Gopala das)

This is a question I hear often from people who have read or have heard about the 5th Canto of the Srimad-Bhagavatam . The Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies will soon be publishing a book that deals with this issue in scholarly detail, but I can give you my personal view having gone through the different evidence. The short answer is: No, the Bhagavatam does not explicitly say that the earth is flat, though it is sometimes interpreted in that way.

What Technically Happens During Initiation?
What Technically Happens During Initiation?
Ananda Vrndavan Dasi

In his purport to Caitanya Caritamrta (Madhya 24.256), he writes, “This is the process of initiation. The disciple must vow that he will no longer commit sinful activity — namely illicit sex, meat-eating, gambling, and intoxication. He promises to execute the order of the spiritual master. Then the spiritual master takes care of him and elevates him to spiritual emancipation.

My Return to the TOVP
My Return to the TOVP
Sadbhuja Dasa

Yesterday, after more than four months of absence, I finally returned to Sridham Mayapur. Burning with impatience this morning I went to the construction site of the TOVP, accompanied by our Construction Manager, His Grace Premavatar Gauranga prabhu, who showed me the various directions in which work is now underway.

George Harrison 20th Anniversary held at Bhaktivedanta Manor
Louise Guthrie

Everybody is looking for Krishna. Some don`t realize that they are, but they are. Krishna is GOD, the Source of all that exists, the Cause of all that is, was or ever will be. As God is unlimited, He has many names, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Rama: all are Krishna, all are ONE.



Tolerance with Jay Ram Dasa
Bhaktivedanta College
AI for Teaching Kirtan Music
Dr. Vipul Arora

“Ma, I wish I could learn Kirtan on harmonium”, little Jahnava spontaneously expressed to her mother during the 24-hour Kirtan festival in the UK. The mother could only echo with her desire but finding an expert devotee teacher in her town seems too big an ask.

Lula Valentia
Growing Through Grief
Krishna Dharma das

Most of us discover at a fairly young age that the world is not a bed of roses. The carefree joys of childhood were brutally interrupted for me when I was just seven and I lost my mother.

Books are the Basis
Bhaktimarga Swami

They come in many cases And go to different places Contents evoke happy faces Leaving many holy traces

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