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Oct 01, 2022
Iskcon Orlando Flooded and Needs Our Help
Dvaipayana Das
We Need Your Help! Our Temple received flood waters from the aftermath of hurricane Ian. After spending the whole day on Thursday moving all of the temple’s belongings to a higher level, we came back home this morning at 2:00 am. The swamp at the back of the temple filled up and pushed its waters out onto the temple property, including the temple itself. The temple’s kitchen was the first to be flooded. Water seeped through the walls into our spare room mixed with water from the kitchen. Next, the water seeped into the Pujari and altar room. Our deities Sri Sri Nitai Gaura Nataraj and Srila Prabhupada have been moved to a safe place and Their services are going on uninterrupted. We will bring Them back to the temple once it is cleaned and ready to move in. The temple devotees are fine and safe as well, however, they have been relocated as well.
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