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Addressing Incorrect Information on ISKCON Ukraine
By Anuttama Dasa, GBC and Minister of Communications   |  Фев 27, 2022

Correcting False Reports Re: ISKCON Ukraine Food Relief and Sheltering

Misinformation has been circulating on social media and other media outlets (not ISKCON News) that fifty-plus ISKCON temples and centers in Ukraine are providing food relief and shelter for the public.

ISKCON News has confirmed that this information is false. According to ISKCON authorities on the ground in Ukraine, there is only one prasadam distribution program operating at this time. It is located in the eastern part of Ukraine, in Donetsk. ISKCON News confirmed this during a zoom call with Acyuta Priya das, ISKCON Zonal Supervisor for Ukraine, at 6 AM EST, Sunday February 27. Hare Krishna Food Relief programs have begun in Hungary to feed refugees, as reported earlier today by ISKCON News. Leaders of other ISKCON temples in Europe including Poland, are hoping to start similar programs in the near future for refugees.

FFL/ISKCON Hungary food distribution, February 26, 2020, Budapest Airport. Photo c/oPeter Bojkovkszky

Large-scale distribution of sanctified vegetarian food, prasadam, is an integral part of the services provided by ISKCON. It is our intention to assure that only accurate information is provided regarding that important relief work.

As the events in Ukraine are changing rapidly, we request that devotees, other readers, and the media are especially careful to verify any information they receive, and not repost unconfirmed reports.

To confirm: ISKCON is not able to provide shelter or food distribution at our temples in Ukraine at this time. We pray for peace for all the people of Ukraine and the entire region. Hare Krishna.


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