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Appreciating New Vrindaban-Dhama, Her Beauty and Glory, Message and Grace – Photobook by Varsana Swami
By Madri Dasi   |  Фев 01, 2019

Nestled in the wooded hilltops of the Appalachian Foothills, New Vrindaban is a favorite destination for thousands of pilgrims every year. Varsana Swami’s new photo book is an invitation to realize and enter its deeper, magical dimensions of Sri Dhama. It offers a tangible glimpse of this enchanted realm, not easily seen with the naked eye. 

Imbibing Srila Prabhupada’s instructions, Varsana Swami has been carving out landscapes throughout New Vrindaban since 1972. His heart is vested in revealing and sharing the Dhama’s glory, message and beauty. 


The book is a generous offering of Maharaja’s vast knowledge and deep spiritual insights on the subject of dhama-tattva. It contains over 150 beautiful images, which are intertwined with texts, a blend of his writings, quotations by Srila Prabhupada and other acharyas. Its purpose is to enhance the reader’s appreciation of the Dhama, deepen their understanding of its theological importance and foster developing personal relationship with Her. 

It is comprised of five parts: ‘Let us glorify Vrindavan’, ‘Perceiving Sri Dhama’, ‘Who is Sri Dhama?’, ‘Tirthas in New Vrindaban’ and ‘Sri Nama and Sri Dhama’ . 

In Part 1, the readers hear the glories of Vrindavana-dhama, which awaken their astonishment and gratitude, Part 2 makes them aware that it requires devotional qualifications and a significant amount of grace and to enter deeply into that sacred realm. 

If the readers wonder why the author refers to the Dhama as “Her”, they should read Part 3, where he unveils the topic of the intriguing personality of Sri Dhama. Part 4 is an invitation to seek deeper connection and blessings of the significant tirthas manifested so far in New Vrindaban. How intrinsically related is the Dhama and the Nama and how one enriches the other is the topic of the final section of the book. 


In his concluding piece Maharaja writes, “May the experience and blessings of the Dhama increasingly direct our path according to the song of Krishna’s flute, the movements of His dance, the flow of His grace, and the impressions of the lotus feet of His devotees. May the beauty, wonder, mercy, and message of Sri Dhama expand and blossom within our hearts”.



“Through his eyes and heart, Varsana Swami reveals the hidden treasures of the Dhama” — Malati Devi Dasi

“The photo book fills our heart with joy and attraction for Sri Sri Radha and Krishna and Their enchanting abode.” — Шачинандана Свами

“Devotion to Sri Krishna is beautiful and when seen and described through the eyes and heart of Vrndavan-Bihari’s pure devotee its beauty expands unlimitedly. Sri Varsana Maharaja takes us into his realm of devotion helping us to visualize the unlimited beauty and hidden secrets of Krishna’s Holy Dhama, which manifested itself in the Western world as New Vrindaban. Let this Dhamvasi take you to the heart of Sri Dhamawith his unveiling presentation of deep devotion to Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra.” — Candramauli Swami

* * * 

To order a copy please visit: www.varsanaswami.org, or write to: madri801@gmail.com.

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