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Award-winning Author Celebrates 10th Anniversary of His Mahabharata Masterpiece
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Сен 11, 2023

Amidst the rich revelations of spiritual literature, some works possess a transcendental charm that captivates both the heart and mind, leaving an indelible mark on those who encounter them. The Mahabharata is one such text, and Sankirtana Das (Andy Fraenkel), an ardent seeker, storyteller, and devoted disciple of Srila Prabhupada has distilled the essence of the Indian epic into a series of creative endeavors. One of those offerings, his award-winning book, “Mahabharata The Eternal Quest: India’s Ancient Epic” is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its publication. 

Sankirtana’s journey with the Mahabharata began as a fascination that would soon, in a formative sense, pour out into an all-consuming endeavor. What started as an attraction soon transformed into a mission through theater and storytelling. Driven by a desire to render the ancient epic’s profound wisdom accessible to a broad audience, he said, “The Mahabharata is a treasure trove of teachings that transcend time and culture. I felt compelled to explore its essence and convey its teachings through cinematic narratives that resonate with people today.”

Central to his work is the delicate equilibrium between accessibility and depth. He has meticulously crafted a bridge that spans the chasm between the uninitiated and the well-versed. In his book, he presents the Mahabharata’s complexities in an approachable and profound manner. By interweaving vivid storytelling with insightful analysis, he captures the imagination of readers across diverse backgrounds. His techniques in maintaining this balance lie in his ability to connect the epic’s ancient wisdom with contemporary narratives, making it relevant to the present day. 

Sankirtana Das teaching in many academic and literary settings.

Sankirtana’s impact extends beyond individual lives, seeping into educational environments at various levels. His book, a cherished companion in college classrooms and a source of inspiration for young minds crafting book reports, has left an indelible mark on many readers. “The most rewarding aspect,” he shares, “is knowing that the Mahabharata’s teachings are finding their way into educational environments.” His sincere hope is to empower students to meditate on the teachings of the past and apply them in shaping a harmonious future.

Beyond the pages of his book, Sankirtana embraces technology to disseminate his insights. Through Zoom presentations, he navigates different audience groups – scholars, students, and spiritual seekers – with relatability. His approach showcases the relevance of the Mahabharata’s teachings in today’s complex world, capturing hearts and minds alike. The impact of his presentations is best illustrated through the profound moments when participants embrace the teachings, recognizing their applicability to their own lives.

Insights and realizations have deepened his understanding of the epic’s timeless wisdom, and unexpected revelations have illuminated its relevance today. His journey has been a labor of love that has touched lives and inspired souls. Looking ahead, he is working on a third book that delves into Lord Chaitanya’s teachings, adding to his legacy of presenting spiritual wisdom in ‘real-time’ relatable ways. His works continue to build upon his established foundation, allowing readers to enrich their lives and embrace transcendence.

Sankirtana addressing students visiting New Vrindaban, WV.

Through his work, he epitomizes the spirit of Srila Prabhupada’s movement, using his unique talents to illuminate ancient wisdom – a testament to the power of storytelling, theater, and the written word. With enthusiasm and dedication, he has opened the portals to the Mahabharata’s beauty, inviting us all to explore its depths and find within its narratives a reflection of our journey toward transcendence.

On the stage that is the life of Sankirtana Das, the Mahabharata finds its voice anew. His journey from theater to writing has been a symphony of devotion, a continuum of heritage, and a legacy of inspiration. As he embodies the teachings of Srila Prabhupada’s movement, he encapsulates the essence of the Mahabharata and offers it as a gift to the world. 

You can visit Sankirtana’s сайт. to learn more about his work, inspirational life story, and many writing resources.


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