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Be Careful What You Hear
By Snigdhamayi Sudevi Devi Dasi, ISKCON News Contributing Writer   |  Ноя 15, 2021

A recent study at Stanford University revealed the potent combination of science and sound. Abazz app can detect the disease a mosquito might be carrying by detecting its buzzing sound. Another discovery from the lab showed the effect of sound on one of the most compact cells in the human body, the heart cells. The idea sprung from the conception of Faraday waves, where sound would create repeals in water.

They wanted to implement the idea of using acoustic signals to compact the heart cells. Then they observed various patterns of the heart cells under the influence of sound and expect that this technology can treat cardiac diseases in the future. The use of sound to detect non-responsive seizures of the brain has also been another area of ongoing research. Ultrasound has been studying the human body for a long time. They also aim to use chips that would monitor various health parameters and drug release under controlled situations. The effect of sound as being studied emphasizes the fact that it can control our lives.


A Fool is undiscovered until he opens his mouth

The first incident shows that hearing the buzz of the mosquito can detect the disease it carries. We can determine a person’s character from his speech. Thus, Arjuna asks Krishna how a transcendentalist speaks in the Bhagavad Gita. How well someone is situated in their consciousness is revealed once they start to speak. 


You are what you hear

The second demonstration of the impact of sound on heart cells implies the effect of sound vibration we choose to hear or perhaps sometimes forced to hear sometimes. Our heart is like a bank. Whatever goes in stays and makes impressions. Not only does sound bring about a physiological change but also subtly impacts our consciousness. Therefore, we are happy when we hear a piece of good news and sad upon hearing bad news. The nature of sound influences the quality of our consciousness. In the same experiment, they describe the potential of sound in treating diseases. By switching to a better kind of sound vibration, we can overcome the diseases of the unhealthy mind in due course of time.


It may not be visible

The third case demonstrates the use of sound to detect non-responsive seizures in the brain. Implying that we do not experience a visible change in our consciousness immediately. Kaikeyi’s association with Manthra did not have an immediate effect. However, she could convince her mistress after pouring into her ears the poisonous thoughts against Lord Ram. We have to choose the kind of people we associate with very judiciously. Otherwise, it might have detrimental effects in the long term without our knowledge. 


If you have anything good to say, say nothing

In the last case, we see how sound can monitor the body’s parameters. We can always check what we speak. It is not productive; we better choose to be silent and avoid drowning ourselves in difficulties. 


This report from Stanford University and many more across the globe reminds us about our free will to decide what we want to hear and eventually become!


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