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Bhakti Kids Sangha Podcast
By Kamala Radha Devi Dasi   |  Фев 13, 2022

Bhakti Kids Sanga had started out with having devotional activities for families, resources for parents, and even yoga classes for children, but they heard a need in their community. There has seemed to be an influx of Hare Krishna podcasts popping up, but nothing geared towards children and family. “I’ve even noticed parents on Facebook groups for homeschooling say they wish there was a podcast”  Abhidheya devi dasi shared with us.

So I’ve started one, the first episode is feb 26th, 2020. So far I have the lead teacher of the Sydney Sanskrit school, Madhu devi, the author of Janma Lila, Avatar Lila das, and Urmila Prabhu confirmed so far.”

This coming February 26th, You will be able to watch the premiere podcast on their Youtube here. The podcast will also be broadcasted on their Facebook page.

In our day in age, especially in a pandemic where so many of us cannot associate in-person, podcasts are an essential connection, and family podcasts overall are not focused on much in media. Bhakti Kids Sanga provides families with a unique, flexible, and customizable way to bond and have discussions. Through this podcast, families can find common interests to celebrate, explore, discover new passions, and be introduced to topics in fun formats that are engaging and educational.

To be seen and heard is a tremendous benefit to our practice, our mind, and then reflects back on how we treat our families. Bhakti Kids Sanga not only helps connect families with resources and activities to do, it builds community.



The new podcast will be simultaneously broadcasted on Facebook and YouTube.

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